Zunderdorp, our home.

Lego has it’s Legoland, the Americans Disneyland, but we have Zunderdorp. Our hometown where we’ve made our small village behind Dirks’ camping. This is our playground, half an hour from the center of Amsterdam, in the middle of the ‘polder’, Broek within sight. If you want to come by, make an appointment and come to the Termietergouw 1. At the end of the property you will find us.

sight zund henkMinecrafters will recognise this archetype countryside with a smile.

kaart zund

We started our first small test and projects in 2010. Until now a lot of people helped and supported us;

  • Annette Schlatmann, our textwizard. She helped us with the website and with the search of partnerships in the emergency housing project.
  • Hans Tepper, the EPS-goeroe from Doetinchem. Hans helped us wih all the technical ins and outs of EPS and gave us valuable adresses.
  • Eric Nijhuis. He supported us by producing and delivering the first hot wire shaped EPS blocks for testing and our first houses.
  • Piet Ubbels, who alwys helps us with testing space, transportation and organisation.
  • Paul Oranje with the website and all kind of other things like information about legal services, politics, solar panels or for instance beer.
  • Rob van Dijk, the Rob who helps us with projects with landscaping issues. Always there when you need him.
  • Sven Jaspers, until 2015 one of the three founders of IGLEO. He has put a lot of time into the growth of IGLEO. For years he was the spokesman of our organisation and did a perfect job in our public relations network. He also redesigned the EPS construction blocks with Daniel and was the crucial link in making our shape molded block and pasbus in 2011. Unfortunately he had to leave us for a better payed job during 2013, but stayed with us until the end of 2015.
  • Othmar Sweers, until 2015 also one of the three founders of IGLEO. He made our stop-motion films, invented the name IGLEO , designed our first logo an put a lot of efford in the looks of our brand and philosophy.

Of course there ale lots of other people who helped us in all kind of ways.