IGLEO wants to be the link between the creative cubic worlds (for instance Minecraft and Lego) and the real world. IGLEO is the platform for innovating creative ideas to develop this cubic playground into real 1:1 creations.

The basic idea is a matrix world consisting of cubes. We chose the following measurements: 30 by 30 by 30 cm, the basic size for every cube, the dna of every creation.

  • Why this size?  It is the metric variant of the foot and it is about the same size as a regular wall or floor. Making it smaller it is more difficult to put insulation and construction in a wall, making it bigger it is less suitable for smaller designs and more expensive to produce.
  • Can you create in other measurements as well? Yes. When you play with Minecraft or Lego you also work with a basic cube of a certain measurement, but when you create a house for instance, you use parts and blocks with other measurements to finish the job. Using other sizes, forms and textures are fine, but they have to add value.
  • Are there limitations in the use of materials? Not really. Of course we are not fond of radioactive isotopes and asbestos. The main idea is always to make a better world. You can do that by using a list of desireable materials, but we think that when you make a construction which allows you to reuse all your materials and avoid them to be waist after a certain time, it gives you the liberty of using much more materials.

The basic ideas were put into a kit we made to build our first house with. We wanted to combine the cubic blocks with construction material. The blocks were made of EPS(expanded polystyrene), the holes were 15 cm ø so wooden beams could be put inside and the iron bars were there to pretension the construction. Why not massive concrete cubes? Well, this is more challenging. Although it sounds and looks more complex, it still is based on the 30x30x30 cm system.