IGLEO, the cubic world

Imagine the world is made of cubes. Not the small cubes, atoms, but big cubes, lets say the size the Egyptians builded their pyramids with. Or the size of where the Eskimos build their iglos with. Children used to play with Lego, nowadays play with games like Minecraft, both representatives of a cubic fantasy world.

When people create in cubes, everything changes. Of course it has its disadvantages, but it has very attractive challenges. Think about; reusable elements, easy to customize,  measurement standardisation, reduction of waist, high residual value.

Lots of children nowadays play Minecraft. They can’t repair a flat tire of their bike or change the battery of their Iphone, but they can design worlds full with all kind of cubic creations.

IGLEO is a ‘open source’ creative philosophy. Based on cube measurements of 30 by 30 by 30 centimeters everybody is welcome to join into our world of cubic creation. IGLEO wants to give the Minecraft designers a tool so they can build their designs for real. Everybody can join in with ideas, designs and plans. IGLEO wants to offer a platform for all of them.