Country House

southwest view june HQ

We needed a place to receive people at our field in Zunderdorp. A place for visitors to learn more about IGLEO, enjoy the countryside or just want to drink something. So I designed a Country House. Minecraft doesn’t really allow you to design with curved edges, but it does allow you to make the basic concept and when you actually build the house there is more liberty to add some curves here and there.

By adding the Myplace we have now developed a small village of IGLEO buildings in Zunderdorp. There are always some old cars in the neighbourhood, so the village looks quite inhabited.


countryhouse westside

countryhouse sw

countryhouse east


listing 1



countryhouse roof/floor elements

screwpole 1

screwpole 2

countryhouse 7%

countryhouse 8%

countryhouse west 14%

countryhouse west 15%

countryhouse support

countryhouse west 20%

countryhouse int 20%

countryhouse sw int

countryhouse east 30%

countryhouse detail 1

countryhouse se 50%

countryhouse sw 50%

countryhouse se 70%

countryhouse sw


east view detail june HQ

west view detail june HQ

south view detail june HQ

interiour viev north june HQ

interieur view south june HQ